mv Waterfall II
mv Waterfall
The Waterfall II and the Waterfall are both built on 50 foot surplus navy utility boat
hulls.  The Waterfall II was built in 1995 by Willard Marine in Anaheim, California and
the Waterfall was built in 1965 by Harbor Boats in Willmington, California.  We
purchased both the hulls out of the Boats and Harbors paper.

We purchased the Waterfall II in 2007 near Tuscaloosa, Alabama and moved it to a yard
in Demopolis, Alabama to finish it off as a trawler.  At the time we lived in Alaska and
would come down to Alabama for the winter and work on the boat.  We started in 2009
and launched in 2017.

We purchased the Waterfall in 1993 near Long Beach, California and had it trucked to
Anacortes, Washington. Once Tom had the cabin on we moved the boat to Birch Bay
Village where we lived at the time and finished it off.  It only took a year to complete it.

Why the name Waterfall?  My wife and I met at the Waterfall Resort near Ketchikan,

Both boats are built on  '50 foot surplus navy utility boat hulls'